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Spa treatments in Bad Reichenhall

The Bavarian State Spa to Bad Reichenhall

The reputation of Bad Reichenhall as an elegant health spa was not just founded by the Bavarian King, Max II, who according to records was already spending his summer holidays in our town in 1848.

Even before this, numerous crowned heads and statesmen had moved to the mild climate of Bad Reichenhall to enjoy the healing power of the brine springs and the impressive landscape. Since 1900, Bad Reichenhall has been granted the title "Bavarian State Spa".

All the ingredients for successful spa treatments can be found in the immediate vicinity of Bad Reichenhall:

Salt and brine, peat, mountain pine, Laist and MonteSol, and of course, and not least, the famous Reichenhall spring water. All remedies are used directly for healing purposes and are recognised by the state. Quality is constantly monitored, and the therapeutic efficacy is proven.

Bad Reichenhall Kurhaus

Our Health Centre specialises in the treatment of diseases and the cleaning of the respiratory tract. With the natural remedies available, medical treatments such as cortisone can be reduced. Blocking of the cilia by overproduction of tough mucus or dryness can therefore be avoided. The most important remedies and their applications are briefly described below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information or have questions.

Salt and brine

Diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract are on the rise due to increased pollution of toxic substances, air pollution and nicotine consumption (including passive smoking), as well as a general increase in allergies.

For the supportive treatment of respiratory diseases, we use brine inhalations and drinking cures. The efficacy in chronic bronchitis (COPD, emphysema) and bronchial asthma has been scientifically proven.

The use of natural brine can alleviate symptoms of atopic dermatitis significantly, with these sometimes completely subsiding even over long periods.

Applications of salt and brine regenerate the respiratory tract, heal, disinfect and strengthen the body's defences and immune system.


Peat baths and mud packs stimulate the metabolism and circulation, and improve gastrointestinal functions. The deep action of the peat is especially effective for back / spine disorders and rheumatic complaints.

Mountain pine

Essence of mountain pine activates the body’s defences and strengthens the immune system, stabilising the circulation, promoting blood circulation in the skin, stimulating nerve activity and relaxing the muscles.

Laist and MonteSol

Laist and MonteSol (formed in the Berchtesgaden Alps as remnants from dissolved rock salt) remedies sustainably improve the blood circulation of the skin, ensure a higher metabolic activity and counteract inflammatory processes.

Spring water

Our famous tap water is the purest high mountain spring water.

Respiratory Centre of Excellence in the Bavarian Alps

In order to better position Bad Reichenhall with Bayerisch Gmain as a respiratory destination, an interdisciplinary network of respiratory service providers was founded around the topic of "breathing".

The combination of competent specialists in practices and clinics with decades of diagnostic and therapeutic experience, the versatile applications of Bad Reichenhall’s AlpenSole (Alpine brine) and the invigorating alpine climate which additionally regenerates and revitalises, make Bad Reichenhall even more attractive for guests with chronic respiratory and lung diseases.